Shiba Meta Space

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Min. 0 SHIBMS and Max 1.000.000 SHIBMS
You can play as guest also for testing our app,
but we suggest you to login with Metamask


Please use Chrome/Firefox with metamask extension for PC or metamask app for mobile


You can buy directly from our website or you can use:
* PancakeSwap
* Poocoin

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Your access pass to Shiba Meta Space Metaverse

  • Only 5,000 will ever be created!
  • Every Shiba will be a part of Shiba Meta Space Metaverse Play2Earn Game.
  • Every Shiba Meta Space holder will have an exclusive early access to all community activities.
  • For every Shiba Meta Space you hold you will receive a guaranteed allocation in the seed round of our TOKEN!
  • All these things will be implemented in the new APP's from our RoadMap (APP3 and APP4)

Immerse yourself in
the Shiba Meta Space Game World

Every shiba in the game's metaverse will be able to:

Play our Games

  • Capture planets and farm tokens
  • Buy and upgrade Shiba Meta Space to explore the shiba metaverse
  • Upgrade your Shiba Meta Space using equipment
  • Fight other Shiba Meta Space in Cyber Competitions
  • Take part in tournaments and receive a rewards in tokens

// About

Shiba Meta Space is the next decentralized cryptocurrency multiplayer builder game, where anyone can play & get tokens, and meet new friends.
Shiba Meta Space is a massively multiplayer online role-playing (RPG) and turn-based strategy NFT Game that gives you the real value of enjoyment and excitement in gaming and the real value provided through the blockchain platform.!
We think our strengths are our transparency & our work to push this project as high as possible.
All our APPs launched are public on GitHub and anyone can verify the source code.
We plan to launch the V2 of the first 2 APPs and in the future APP3 and APP4 will come !
We develop premium a quality game and provide the best entertainment to our players.
We have also got a wide range of global partners which includes some of the industry’s most influential operators.
Our commitment to working with top partners and producing highly entertaining and quality games is part of why we have achieved our success.
Our game is on testing and is implemented on the Binance smart contract. Now you can use the multiplayer game and single player game. You can use with partner or with the system.

Traits and species

Now the Shiba Meta Space must defend their planet and the scientific advances they have developed over the centuries. Each Shiba will be given a random set of high-tech clothing and defense items in which they will defend their planet. The luckiest ones will get unique combinations of suits that will give Shiba a 100% advantage over the invaders.

We have a total of 150+ different variants of equipment and backgrounds in this collection so each shiba is a sight to see!

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NFT (coming soon)

The price of each Shiba NFT card will be 0.5 BNB. Shiba Meta Space NFT brings to you an opportunity to collect the SHIBMS token and then use it later to mint your unique Shiba Meta Space NFTs which is a collection of 5,000 Shiba(s)
This is the first ever meme infused with a NFT utility. Instead of just hyping the same Shiba, you can now have your very own unique looking Shiba Meta Space dogs as an original NFT which can be bred and later traded on open marketplaces. You will be able to mint your own Shiba Meta Space NFT on our platform using our SHIBMS token.


Total Supply: 100.000.000
Symbol: SHIBMS
Decimals: 9
Contract: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
Liquidity locked: 100%
Buy tax: 3.5%
Sell tax: 3.5%

Token Distribution

Airdrop: [ 10% ]
Dev: [ 4% ]
Marketing: [ 5% ]
Liquidity: [ 50% ]


STAGE 1 Smart contract created
Website launch
Telegram, Twitter, Github etc.
Shiba Meta Space is born .
STAGE 3 Presale
Token distribution
Burn Tokens
STAGE 4 Pancakeswap listing
Liquidity locked
Trading start
First 1000 holders
STAGE 5 Coinmarketcap listing
CoinGecko listing
BscScan Social Update
Exchanges listing
APP3 and APP4 Launching
STAGE 6 Audits – InterFi
Market launch
Hotbit Exchange Listing
Community Events


What is Shiba Meta Space?

Randomly generated Shiba collectibles of various rarity living on the Binance Smart Chain as ERC-721 tokens. Shiba Meta Space will become a part of NFT game metaverse soon!

How do I purchase Shiba Meta Space?

Shiba Meta Space will be available for purchase on our website through an initial drop. Also you can buy from Pancakeswap and Poocoin.

When do Shiba Meta Space launch?

The launch date is 22.02.2022, more details coming soon.

How much will it cost to mint Shiba Meta Space?

It will only cost 0.5 BNB to mint each of 5,000 Shiba Meta Space available in the Metaverse!.

How many Shiba Meta Space can I mint?

A maximum of 20 Shiba Meta Space can be minted per transaction. You can, however, execute as many transactions as you like if you really want to be the life of the party.

Secondary Market Royalties?

We want to encourage trading and will set royalties at 2.5%.

What is the slippage on pancakeswap?

Only 6% for buy and sell is the slippage for pancakeswap and poocoin.

GO Shiba Meta Space!
To infinity and beyond!
I'll be back
may the shiba be with you

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